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Jacqueline May

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Discover original  paintings  from UK   based  London landscape artist to grace your surroundings.    We have a growing selection of beautiful original oil paintings  available for sale  and we ship worldwide.

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline May is an artist born in London UK, she grew up in Wandsworth Southeast London.

She  always had an interest in Art as a child, and this went back into Primary School. She says she vividly remembers  when she uses to paint as child and one of her  painting ended up in the Headmasters office. Then when she went to secondary school, she remembers her Art teacher telling her parents that she was good at art, and did they have any idea which side of the family this talent came from. They didn’t know. 

It was decades  later she says she reflected on what her teacher told her parents. We asked her  why it took her so long to engage her passion. She says  well I had a  lot of different interests; it was a gradual discovery; I think this is the best time to devote more time to my paintings.   I  went to Art College took different courses and began to perfect my Art. I  realized I just loved landscape paintings , beautiful sceneries  different color trees , textures  even living in London which  can be described as a concrete jungle  I could see the beauty of nature scenes, the trees  and it inspires me to paint.  I can spend the whole day painting , and  just enjoy it. She says her faith also played a part in discovering her love for Art, spending time with the lord is so important because he is the one who truly knows you  and knows the gifts that are inside you, waiting to be discovered.

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